The Diesel Outlaws are a group of players, singers and songwriters that were brought  together in Nashville, Tn, by guitarist Jamie LaRitz , owner of DOG EAR STUDIO , that was putting together a music production with songwriter Highway Red for the purpose of putting a truck driving collection of songs on the shelves of the TA/PETRO, LOVES, and PILOT Travel centers of America and we are in the process of doing that promotion as of todays date.  It has been slow going but a steady progress and hopefully by the end of 2013 we will have our product. both film advertisement, recorded music completed to present and this group can be doing live venues and shows across America.  Members of this prouction have all been members of some legendary bands and some are still currently  playing with those groups, and we support them as this is only the beggining of the Diesel Outlaws, we couldn't have had any better group of players to help us.